South Tipperary Development Plan 2009-2015

The South Tipperary County Development Plan 2009-2015 (CDP) came into effect on the 9th March 2009 and sets out the County Council's policies and objectives for the development of the County for a six year period from 2009 to 2015. Variation No. 1 to the Development Plan was made on the 13th June 2011.

The Development Plan consists of three Parts:

South Tipperary Development Plan 2009-2015 Volume 1

The Written Statement sets out the Strategic Context of the plan in addition to stated policies and objectives and any supporting technical information.

(PDF Logo 197 kbs) Schedule of Plates
(PDF Logo 127 kbs) Abbreviations used in Text
(PDF Logo 153 kbs) Glossary of Terms
(PDF Logo 61 kbs) Members Page
(PDF Logo 149 kbs) Foreword from the Cathaoirleach
(PDF Logo 172 kbs) Foreword from the Co Manager
(PDF Logo 435 kbs) Chapter 1-The County Development Plan in Context
(PDF Logo 230 kbs) Chapter 2-Current Trends
(PDF Logo 297 kbs) Chapter 3-Location and Pattern of Development
(PDF Logo 356 kbs) Chapter 4-Housing
(PDF Logo 485 kbs) Chapter 5-Economy
(PDF Logo 391 kbs) Chapter 6-Amenity, Environment and Heritage
(ZIP Logo 54 kbs) Amenity Areas Data File
(Requires GIS Software)
(PDF Logo 1,411 kbs) Chapter 7-Infrastructure
(PDF Logo 293 kbs) Chapter 8-Community and Social
(PDF Logo 415 kbs) Chapter 9-Development Management
(PDF Logo 3,521 kbs) Full Volume 1


(PDF Logo 181 kbs) Appendix 1-3
(PDF Logo 1,176 kbs) Appendix 4
Appendix 5: Interactive list of protected structures with mapping 
 (PDF Logo 319 kbs) Appendix 6-9

Appendix 5 Record of Protected Structures (RPS) is the updated Record as adopted in May 2010.

Variation No. 1

(PDF Logo 1,802 kbs) Variation Number 1 CDP 2009

South Tipperary Development Plan 2009-2015 Volume 2

The SEA Statement, Environmental Report and Appropriate Assessment are included as Volume Two

(PDF Logo 986 kbs) Strategic Environmental Assessment Statement
(PDF Logo 6,868 kbs) Environmental Report
(PDF Logo 911 kbs) Appropriate Assessment

South Tipperary Development Plan 2009-2015 Volume 3

The County Maps and Settlement Plans form Volume Three.

(PDF Logo 1,810 kbs) County Maps
(PDF Logo 1,579 kbs) Wind Energy Poilcy Maps
(PDF Logo 311 kbs) N8 and N24 New and Preferred Routes
(PDF Logo 65 kbs) South Tipperary Natural Heritage Sites
(PDF Logo 338 kbs) Strategic Economic Locations
(PDF Logo 1,284 kbs) Secondary Service Centre
(PDF Logo 5,583 kbs) District Service Centres
(PDF Logo 2,358 kbs) Local Service Centres
(PDF Logo 3,902 kbs) Settlement Nodes

If you require higher quality maps, please contact the Planning Section at 052 6134646 or email